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Is Obama Doing a Good Job as a President? Where are the Jobs Graduates?

In USA Currently graduates are finding it difficult to find jobs and this has become a growing concern and Obama Said he would take care of it if he were to be elected at the Maryland University in 2009, but two years later he returns to the same University of Maryland where some are ready to ask the question again,

Is Obama Doing a Good Job as a President? Where are the Jobs for Graduates?

Here is the Epic Video about the Jobs that were Promised -

In 2009, President Barack Obama went to the University of Maryland USA and promised the students a better future for them and their Kids. Today, these same students are facing worse job prospects than the at 2009.

Did romney predict the housing bubble?nope,in '07 he told us housing prices would remain strong_Did he warn of the evil of QE1,2 or 3? nope. He told us bernake was doing a good job_Did he speak out against state mandated healthcare before it was enacted on the federal level? nope. He enacted it on a state level_ What about war? He supported all of them when a republican was in office, now that it's a dem he's against them_Bailouts, TARP? He supported them_ Carbon taxes? He made them law.

Ron Paul 2012.Romney wont pass this senator and his proposals.Americans are awake to the corporatocracy and fake religions. All the best from Portugal and hoep all of you see the path to freedom or else the tie of tyrrany will close worldwide.

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