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HBO TV Schedule Listings 14th JULY Today| 14/07/2011 Thursday All Movies

Welcome to PBI TV Schedules, we give you TV Schedules of All channels and all Movies, Sports, and Programs and not only that we also give you a Brief review of each program.

12:05AM The Wolfman - A great supernatural Story about a half man and half wolf.

2:05AM Taken (Season 1) : Dropping the Dishes - An Alien Abduction Story.

4:00AM The Making of : Invictus - A great movie? See how it was made?

4:30AM Renegades - Action Comedy and Drama. its all in this movie.

6:45AM The Making of : Couples Retreat - A couples Movie.

7:00AM Gran Torino  - One of the best Action Adventure Movies set in the Wild Wild West.

9:15AM Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball - Action, Horror Thriller!

11:00AM The Wolfman - Repeat.

Come Back for more TV Schedules.

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