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Another Hike in Petrol and diesel Prices in India soon due to inflation?2011

Recently in India we have seen many duel hikes due to various factors including Inflation, Export and Import of Crude Oil, Tax problems Etc, people around India are feeling the burn in their pockets as the fuel prices keeps increasing, recently we had a huge hike in Prices of Fuel such as Petrol, Diesel, Oil and Gas, these were in the range of 7 Rupees for Petrol, around 5 Rupees for Diesel and 50 Rupees for a cylinder of Gas in India.

Another Fuel Hike is expected in July 2011 due to all the same reasons again and this time it may be a little lesser than the increase amount we had last time.

This is a clear sign that inflation is hitting India hard and people are having their savings blown away by Inflation in a few months.

The Government of India has to do something about this increase in Fuel Prices.

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