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Michelle Phan Carl Choi Boyfriend|Michelle Pham Sister Gossip and Contacts

Michelle Pham is the YouTube Celebrity who makes Videos on Beauty and Make Up along with her friend Carl Choi and her sister, who are all working together to get their fans the best make up and beauty tutorials and Beauty Products from all over the world.The specialize  in Beauty and they teach you how to put on make up, how to put on lipstick, how to dress and make up for the prom and other important events like dates.

Michelle Pham is rumored to have a Boyfriend which we do not know about, She is reported dating many Celebs, mostly YouTube Celebs.I am sure she has a Boyfriend and we will get to know about it soon enough.

Michelle Pham also has a sister who she uses in Videos to explain certain make up tips and tutorials, They both make an awesome pair and I suggest you guys subscribe to their YouTube Make Up and Beauty Videos.

Here is a Sample of her videos.You will soon get all the Gossip On Michelle Phan Right here.

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