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1 day diet - Menu Recipes - Lose Weight in One day?

The famous 1 day diet is a classic example of what people want in how badly they want in within a very short amount of time, people want to lose weight within one day, they want to lose 3 or 4 or 5 Kgs within a day, which is physically and mentally impossible.

You can lose a certain amount of weight in a day by not eating, but that is highly unhealthy and not recommended.The One day Diet may have an adverse affect on your health and you may fall ill or sick.

The best thing to do would be a long term milder diet, which would be best in my opinion.Or you can also stop any diets that you are on and start exercising more and more to reduce body fat and increase metabolic activity to reduce weight.

These two options would be best if you ask me, so there you go my take on the One day Diet Menu Recipes program.

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