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How to Import Your Contacts and Friends Photos from Facebook to Google Plus +?

Google Plus is the new Facebook and Facebook is the new Orkut, which will probably get knocked back to the second perch and slowly disappear from existence. But can you imagine all your Facebook Contacts and Friends and Photos and your Information all that become useless or be gone? That would be like hell right?

So do not worry, you can import all the Facebook Stuff you want to your new Google Plus Account, Google will definitely come up with this feature soon as they would probably want to out do everything when it comes to a fight with Facebook.

The Most probable software for this would be Google docs or just your basic GMail Account which can be used to Import all the details from your Facebook Account and be happy.

The best thing as an example for things which you feel are impossible like Switching Facebook to Google Plus is the software that allowed WordPress Blogs to be Imported to Blogger Blogs, soon within the year a software will come out which will allow you to do that.

So here you go, now you have an idea about How to Import Your Contacts and Friends Photos from Facebook to Google Plus +?

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