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Harley Davidson India| Bangalore Woman Buys Iron 863 for 6.5 Lakhs

Harley Davidson In India is growing like wildfire, everybody wants one but most do not have the money to buy the Harley Davidson in India, but a Software professional Woman from Bangalore has Ordered for a Harley Davidson Iron 863 and she is probably going to ride it to work to show off to the other co workers.

The Woman Who bought the Harley Davidson is Sheeja Matthews and she is working in the Human Resource Department at a MNC in Bangalore.

She is the First one to have ordered for a Iron 863 from Bangalore, India.The Iron 863 is one of the cheapest Harley Davidson Bikes you can get, but it is still very pricy and costly.

I have a feeling more than 100 people will buy the Harley Davidson in India within the year and even the Motor Experts have predicted the same trends.

I hope to see this bike on the Roads in Bangalore.

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1 comment:

RP said...

Still seems expensive but the image is such that puts you under pressure to see your dream coming true.
Tough decision, its here now in Indian roads out of the magazines and websites. You can sit on it in the showrooms and if you have got your bonus, sacrifice all your expenses to pay the emi it can be yours.

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