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Driving Into a Sandstorm Haboob AZ - Real Terrifying Raw Nature VIDEO

A haboob is a sandstorm in Arabic, it is a real life sandstorm that has the power to fell Building and uproot trees if the Sandstorm gets strong enough.

Now if you think watching a Sandstorm is Terrifying raw nature, then imagine the situation when you are driving into a Terrifying Sandstorm in the middle of a hard desert and then living to tell the tale.

If you did that then you would certainly be a hero, you can see what kind of things happen inside a Sandstorm that is raging like a bull and it just does not stop, like hurricanes these sandstorms can do a lot of damage to life and property and hence we should always try to evacuate when a Sandstorm is about to hit us.

Just take a look at this video to see the Raw Nature -

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