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How to contact Mark Zuckerberg for Advice on Coding or Jobs at Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg is not known to use his Facebook  Profile very vigorously like many of us do and he is known to drop by often to see the messages from his fans and what not.

So how to contact Mark Zuckerberg for Advice on Coding or Jobs at Facebook?

First of all let me get to the jobs point of view, Just when you are at Facebook, look at the bottom of the page and you can see a tab like jobs or partners, you can go there and see what Job vacancies exist at Facebook.Then you can apply online and wait for them to return a call to you.

Then again if you are not looking at a normal job and you have a revolutionary Idea and want Facebook help to make it big or make profits from it and share it with Facebook, then you should get a hold of Facebook by either sending them a direct Snail Mail or contacting them over phone or through their Twitter account.

So how to contact Mark Zuckerberg on advice for a Website?

Please follow the same Steps as above.

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