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IIT Grad Pooja Nath Bags Silicon Valley Deal of 1.5 Million $ for Piazza Site

Being an IIT Graduate is a great thing in India but that has not stopped Pooja Nath at that state, she wanted to do something more, something which was going to go big, something which would one day make her famous.She started the Home Work Helping Website Piazza, which has spread to 3 schools and now spreading even more than before and is going to be in all colleges around the world if they work towards it well.

Pooja Nath got a 1.5 Million $ investment from various Investors in Silicon Valley for this brilliant Project, but Now a Days Silicon Valley are giving away investments too easily after the Facebook Fiasco.

Let us see if Pooja Nath can become what she aspires to do and our best wishes are with her, If she wants to Contact Possible Advertisements, she can contact us.

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