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STS-135: Final Launch of the Space Shuttle Program 2011 Fake?Scam?

Many around the world believe that the Moon Landing was a fake and they have believed so for years, but the
STS-135: Final Launch of the Space Shuttle Program 2011 is definitely not a fake, as a matter of fact we all saw it with our own two eyes and saw the amazing launch of a spaceship, a space shuttle launch into the Atmosphere and beyond to reach out to the Solar System and Beyond.

So what can we expect in the future of Space Exploration and Space Odyssey? Aliens?
We are not at that stage in development of Science that we can go to outer space and look for aliens, but we can definitely get telescopes strong enough and high tech enough to peek through the dense clouds of gas and atmosphere that surround other planets.

We can expect to land a Man on Mars by 2030 and if the private sector takes over then we can land a man on the Sister Planet Mars in 2020, but no one can say anything for sure.

But the most important thing is, the video of the launch on YouTube had 40000 views, Obama, health care, GWB, Irag war, etc. all exuces for the cuts to NASA funding. This last space shuttle launch is a sympolic closing of a chapter and the end of US technological and scientific supremacy. The real reason, the average American does not give a damn! Only 40,000 views while 4 million viewers watched the Kardashians. American kids continue to fall behind in math & sciences to the rest of the world. This is an end of an era.

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