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Sony PlayStation Network Hacked And still not working and Down 2011

Sony PlayStation Network is a place where people can play online multi-player Games.A Genius Hacker Hacked the Sony PlayStation Network and is causing difficulties to the Sony PlayStation Cyber Team who are responsible for the care of the Online Gaming Community.

This is the Official Message On the PlayStation Blog - “Unfortunately, I don’t have an update or timeframe to share at this point in time,”

Well Us online Gamers will now have to wait for a while before the PlayStaion Network becomes operational after it was hacked.

Sony PlayStation had started saying it was having difficulties with the Running and Maintenance of the PlayStation Network a few days back, 6 Days back to be exact and Now it has become a serious problem, with a Hacking the Obvious cause of this Failure of the PlayStation Network.

Let Us Hope everything gets back on track in terms of the PlayStation Network so that we can go and play again.

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