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Ugly Celebrities - 100 List of Most Ugliest Celebrities on Earth!

Ugly Celebrities are not a joy to look at, they made it big and became celebrities as they have some or the other talent and not just good looks, they actually look hideous and hence they are called Ugly Celebrities.

Ugly Celebrities come in various sizes, they are never the norm, they are drop dead Ugly Celebrities.

Ugly Celebrities do have a place in Hollywood, mostly in Horror Movies and Creepy Characters.

We need Ugly Celebrities, or else who will make the other Celebrities look good?

So here is the list of all Ugly Celebrities in the world -

Danny Devito

Micheal Essien

Carlos Tevez

Isha Deol


Johhny Lever

Julio Baptista

Joleon Lescott


Mark Henry

Eddie Guerrero

Virender Sehwag

Romesh Powar

Venkatesh Prasad

John Terry

Wayne Rooney


Paula Abdul

Randy Jackson

Rebecca Black

Justin Bieber


Barack Obama

Oprah Winfrey

So this was the list of the Ugly Celebrities. Enjoy.

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