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People Human Food that Pet birds Can Eat

Unlike cats, dogs, and other pets, human or homo sapien food is actually good for pet birds like Parrots, Budgies and Lovebirds,cockatoo,macaw, when prepared correctly and sometimes cooked properly and done cleanly. In order to safely and successfully add fresh foods to your bird's diet.

You must alwyas know that your Pet Birds would love to eat Human Food as well as Pet Bird Food, but they do have preferences, they like to eat certain kind of people food over some types of bird food even.

So always make sure that you understand the Pet Bird properly before feeding it anything it may not want to eat.

Some of the things that Pet Birds would love to eat are -

1)Well Cooked Rice.


3)Well Cooked and dried Vegetables and Fruits.

4)Well Made Corn Soup without Oil.

5)Coconut Milk.

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