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Is Organic Traffic The Best Traffic For Google Adsense?

Is Organic Traffic The Best Traffic For Google Adsense? YES, Absolutely YES.Organic Traffic refers to those people who visit your site, yes not bots or PPC but Real people who visit your site through the search engines such as Google Search or Yahoo Search or Bing Search Etc, these are highly targeted traffic as they are based on interest basis search especially through Google Search which delivers exactly to the interest of the Search that has been entered, some other Search engines such as Yahoo has some flaws when it comes to the algorithm to make the search proper, so yes, Organic Traffic is the best form of Traffic if you plan to make money by blogging or through a website using Google Adsense.

Why is Organic Traffic The Best Traffic For Google Adsense?
Organic traffic ensures the best targeted traffic for your site and if you are using Adsense, probably the ads too are well targeted so you will get a good CTR and hence more money.

So Work hard on SEO and getting Organic traffic to your site, I am proud to say 90% of my traffic comes from Google Search.

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