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Is it cruel to keep Birds as Pets?Such as Cockatiels Lovebirds and Parakeets?

Pet Birds are the topic I specialize in and hence I can tell you a lot about them, some people may feel that keeping a bird as a pet at home is cruel, but it is not, you are actually helping those Cockatiels, Lovebirds and Budgies, or even the larger cockatoos, Macaws and Parrots.These pet birds do not really like living at the pet shop, they want to be in loving homes where the whole family can take care and make the bird feel like a human and part of the family.These pet birds for long have been bred in captivity and hence they do not know the true meaning of freedom and have lost the ability to fend for themselves, catch food or forage for food and live by their own in the wild, so for home bred birds, it is vital for them to end up as pets.

These are my two Lovebirds, both are called Lucas or Twin.See My Birds to view all my Pet Birds.

I have a lot of Pet Birds and I try to give them the best quality life that I can give, so should all.

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