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Star Movies TV Schedule Listings June 28 2011 Tuesday 28/06/2011 Reviews

Welcome to your daily guide to Star Movies Daily TV Schedule and Listings as well as Reviews of all the movies and Programmes that will be played that day on the ultimate Movies channel, Star Movies -

Star Movies TV Schedule Listings June 28 2011 Tuesday 28/06/2011 Reviews

1:40AM My Best Friend's Wedding - A wonderful romantic Comedy, a must watch for those in mid 20's to 30's
3:20AM Penguins: A Love Story - A really saddening Love Story between Penguins
4:40AM Fillers - A Thriller, must watch.
5:30AM The Accidental Husband - Another one of those Romantic Comedies that showcase the Hapless marriages.
6:55AM Jerry Maguire - A Really good movie for teenagers and adults alike.
9:45AM Bride Wars - Must watch for all Brides and Bachelors about the stuff that can go wrong at a wedding.
11:40AM Dragon Lord - Awesome Action thriller.
1:35PM Gamer - A Gamer Movie, Must watch for Video Game Buffs.
3:30PM Godzilla - An All time legendary Movie about a Dinosaur that lived through the ages.
6:15PM Black Hawk Down   - Another Military Movie
9:00PM Spider-Man 3 - The Famous end to the awesome super hero Movie Trilogy.

Return Tomorrow for Gautham's Review of all the Movies to be played On Star Movies.

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