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Cellphone use causes Brain Cancer Mobile Phone Calling Cancerous - WHO

WHO or the world health organization on Wednesday 2011 June declared that there is substantial risk of Cancer, more specifically Brain Cancer of the malignant Glioma.Brain Cells in Humans may be affected by Cancerous Waves that Cellphones and Mobile Phones cause.The microwaves that are emitted by the cellphones or Mobile phones which are believed to cause this Glioma Malignant Cancer in the Brain are like the Microwaves that are emitted from low power Microwave ovens.This is the extent of the Waves or radiation causing cancer to humans, which WHO says is very much a possible issue which the health departments needs to address as over 5 billion cellphone users exist in the world, so this could be one of the most serious issues of cancer ever as if it is true, it can affect 5 billion people with Glioma Cancer of the Brain.People need to start cutting down on using cellphones for calls and other stuff.

The WHO has stated that we need to use Texting and free hand devices to reduce the risk or cancer.
The type of radiation that is emitted from cellphones are non-ionizing type and can cause cancer.

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