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Lokpal Bill meeting a failure, Anna Hazare to fast from August 16 for Lakpal Bill

The Society and Civil bodies met in the June edition of the meeting to sanction the proposed Lokpal Bill for which Anna hazare is fasting for and is creating protests for, the bill wants a Unique one of its kind body or group or an institution which is answerable to no one and is totally independent, this Anna Hazare believes is the true answer to check the wide spread corruption in India and get rid of the powers of all those corrupt politicians who are spoiling the country as he believes, the Lokpal Bill will give rise to this new civic body which has great powers of dismissing even high authorities of the government if it can come up with proof that the person is involved in corruption or bribes or fraud.

But after the failure of the meeting, Anna Hazare has declared that he will take up his fast as planned and hence "Teach the Government a Lesson"

Let us wish him good luck.

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