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Asteroid as big as a Bus to hit earth? Watch it fly past the Earth LIVE!

Asteroids are huge rock formations that cross across the Solar System in belts of Asteroids such as Asteroid Belt, Kuiper Belt Etc, they usually harmlessly revolve around the Sun and only a few of them go out of their orbits to travel to other Hyperbolic or Parabolic Orbits and hence may come near or even cross the orbit of the earth.One Such Asteroid is seen to come very near to the earths Orbit and has been discovered only the past week, which is a grave concern, that if a really big asteroid that is on direct collision with earth is seen only a week before impact, them that would mean trouble for all of us.

A School Bus sized Asteroid was seen by Scientists to cut close to the earths orbit this week, I think YouTube Might provide a Video LIVE Event of it, Not sure though, They had however broadcast the Longest Lunar Eclipse On YouTube LIVE.

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