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Magnetic hill Leh Ladakh Pulls Cars and Airplanes Uphill - True or Myth?

Magnetic Hill in Ladakh is a mysterious Phenomenon of the earth where Cars and Other Vehicles are pulled uphill even when the Engine is Switched off due to the Huge magnetic pull of the Vast Iron Deposits in the magnetic Hill which are magnetized by the earths magnetic field.

Leh Ladakh in India is a Tourist hub for people from all countries due to its cold weather, beautiful scenery and its ideal location in the Mountains of Himalayas.It is known for many places such as the Monasteries, Shey, Hemis, Thicksey Etc, Leh Palace, Pangong Lake, Khardongla - The Highest Motor-able road in the world.

But magnetic Hill is truly a mysterious phenomenon, it is often said that the mystery behind Magnetic hill is an optical illusion.

Here in this Video which I Own, You can see a car being pulled up a hill, in the ending of the video, you can hear the ignition of the car.

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