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How to run faster? How to Increase Running Stamina? How to run properly?

Running is an exercise that requires lots of stamina, to get this stamina you need to eat right, eat lots of fruits and vegetables as well as condition your body for running.Just by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, suddenly you cannot one day decide to start running and run like the wind and run for miles.

If you see the people of Nigeria and Kenya and Ethiopia, the reason why most international marathon runners win titles are from these countries is that they have high altitude there, so if they practice running in that thin air, they can run twice as much here in thick air, so the thing is you need to practice running.

Slowly you can start jogging each day and finally you will end up with a decent running stamina, it may take weeks or even months but you will definitely reach there for sure.

Also while running try not to run on your heels, this may cause injury to the foot.Try to run on the toes, this will also increase your running speed as well as make your running posture proper.

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