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Postpartum Hair loss | Hair Fall after Pregnancy | Is it normal? How Many hairs?

Postpartum hair fall or hair loss after a recent pregnancy is not uncommon, actually all women who undergo pregnancy get Postpartum Hair loss, it is very much a natural thing and hence nothing to be worried about, the hair fall will actually increase if you worry about it too much.All women who had been pregnant recently undergo this stage where more number of hairs fall down from the scalp due to excessive production of a hormone called estrogen, which is the female equivalent to the male hormone testosterone.If more of this Estrogen is produced during Pregnancy, the substance goes to the scalp and blocks the pores from getting enough nutrition and hence the hair fall off.

So what Can I do about Postpartum Hair loss or  Hair Fall after Pregnancy?

Nothing, you cannot stop it, it will stop on its own by the tome your baby is one year old or so, there is no natural way to stop Hair Fall after Pregnancy, it is just a natural cycle.Do not try any creams or anything, all will be fine.

Will I go bald due to Hair Fall after Pregnancy?
Short Answer, NEVER.

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