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Cockatiel Lifespan - What is average age my Cockatiel can Live Upto?

A cockatiel is a small bird and hence you cannot expect it to live for over 50 years, A cockatiel in the wild is a bird that has a lot many of natural predators and enemies, so they get hunted down easily also due to their lack of strength and endurance, they are kind of a weak species of Birds, but they are very light and hence smooth fliers and can travel long distances.

Normal Grey Cockatiel Lifespan - 12 to 15 years
Albino Cockatiel Lifespan - 10 to 12 years
Pearl Pied Cockatiel Lifespan - 12 to 15 years
Lutino Cockatiel Lifespan - 10 to 12 years
White Face Cockatiel Lifespan - 12 to 15 years

So these are the average Cockatiel Lifespan.

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