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Do cockatiels talk? Can Male or female cockatiels talk like Humans?

Cockatiels do talk, but not our Human language, their vocal cords are made precisely for whistling and calling out beautiful notes but not for human speech, they do not have the wide variety of vocal sounds that their larger cousins such as parrots or macaws have, they are relatively quite compared to their larger cousins too.

Even in Cockatiels some people claim that their Cockatiel can talk, this is usually false but is possible that a cockatiel whistles something that sounds like a Human word.

Male Cockatiels are much more vocal than Female Cockatiels, Male tend to jump and make really good sounding long musical notes, females on the other hand lend out only a few squeaks and isolated whistles, either way both are just adorable.

You can hear my Male Cockatiel going off, he never stops singing!

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