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How my cockatiel and Lovebird became friends? Together Video!

My Pet birds are the most awesome pet birds you can find, they are very friendly, tame and really really cool, they listen to whatever I say, at least what they understand and although they do not do any tricks or talk, they are still my best friends.So many people asked me how my Lovebird and Cockatiel get along so well, while their birds fight, a LOT! The thing I tell them is to have patience and have a look out of the Birds always when they are together, also it depends on the personality of the birds too.My birds are really friendly so it works out for me, it may not work out for you though.

Give the birds some time as well as space, let them get to know each other, do not directly stuff them in a cage and expect them to become best friends like magic, there are no tricks to make birds to like each other, just give them open space and let them get to know each other, they will become friends, do not worry, If you have any questions about pet birds, please ask me, I am ready to help.

This is a video of my pet birds together happily.

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