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Real Bat Mobiles (Tumblers) Seen on the Streets of Pittsburgh| Dark Knight

Real Bat Mobiles or Tumblers which were used in the filming of the Batman The Dark knight Rises, were seen driving on the streets of Pittsburgh, the reason for the Drive through of these true superhero Cars or the Bat mobiles were really not clear, we need to ask the Traffic Police that Question, who were just staring at the Tumblers or Bat Mobiles and were not much taken aback by them, although they are barely street legal.

So here it is -
Real Bat Mobiles (Tumblers) Seen on the Streets of Pittsburgh of Dark Knight -

These are Incredible cars indeed, but they give really bad Mileage, they need about a Gallon of Petrol or Diesel for a Mile I would Suppose!

That would mean a lot of money and Fuel wasted!

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