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Celebrities Injured in London Riots 2011? Footballers Injured?

There have been rumors going around on the internet that Celebrities have been Injured in London Riots 2011 and some famous Footballers have also been Injured badly, some names like Chelsea Players and Tottenham and Arsenal FC Players have been mentioned, but till now it is clear that all our beloved Celebrities are safe for the moment and are well protected as well, so we really do not need to worry about them much right now.

The city of London is burning since 4 days as gangs of youths are rioting, looting and burning shops all over. Police are finding it hard to control them.

But in the suburb of Southall, hundreds of Sikhs stood guard outside their temple to protect all the area’s residents from the rioters.

This is what you call true courage! We salute the Sikhs!

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