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Biggest Losers in Share market Crash August 2011 Million Dollar Rupee Losses

All those who lost a lot of money in the recent stock market losses and SENSEX Crash cannot consider themselves unlucky as the signs were there that this Stock market BSE NSE crash was going to happen sooner or later and you probably took a chance and hoped that the Crash would come later along the Quarter, Even the Small Cap, Mid Cap or Large Cap stocks were not spared and many lost Lakhs and crores of Rupees in the Recent Crash of the Stock Market in India.

Here are a list of people in India who have lost the highest Amount of Money in the short period of 2 or 3 days -

1)Clivert Singh - Mid Cap Investment - Lost 1.3 Crore Rupees.

2)Rahul Ramesh - Large Cap Investment  -  Lost 84 Lakhs.

3)Gautham Kaur - Large Cap Investment - Lost 81 Lakhs.

4)Sanjeev Sonnada - Large CAp Investment - Lost 77 Lakhs.

Be Wise in your Investment of Money.

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