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List of Celebrities that use too much Make up! Male female Celebs!

There are a lot of celebrities, Male and Female that wear too much make up to make themselves look better and look good.Of Course some celebrities such as Brad Pitt barely use any make up at all, they just show up and do their thing and get on with life.

Here I have made a list of all those Celebs who wear too much make up and cover up their Imperfections -

Paris Hilton
Paula Abdul
Simi Garewal
Justin Bieber
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Zac Efron
Robert Pattinson
Jo Jonas
Nick Jonas
Kevin Jonas
Kim Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian
Kris Kardashian
Posh Spice - Victoria Beckham
Johnny Depp
Rakhi Sawanth
Charlie Sheen
Jennifer Anniston
Matt Le Blanc
Annalyne Maccord
Micheal Trachtenberg
Salman Khan
Shenae Grimes
MS Dhoni
S Sreesanth
Carlo Cudicini
John Obi Mikel
Cristiano Ronaldo
Mario Balotelli
Jose Mourinho
Xabi Alonso
Sergio Ramos
Emma Roberts
Emma Stone
Andrew Garfield

So These are the celebrities that wear too much Make up.Also Check out Short Celebrities.

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