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Height List Of Celebrities over 6 Feet Tall | Men Women Celebs over 6 feet

Here are a List Of Celebrities that Are Taller than 6 Feet -

Height List Of Celebrities over 6 Feet Tall | Men Women Celebs over 6 feet -

Ming Na (5ft 3in)
Samy Naceri (5ft 11.5in)
Parminder Nagra (5ft 2in)
Leonardo Nam (5ft 9in)
Alan Napier (6ft 6in)

Jay Cutler (5ft 8.5in)
Jon Cypher (6ft 2in)
Tawny Cypress (5ft 6in) 
Billy Ray Cyrus (6ft 0in)
Miley Cyrus (5ft 4.5in)

Charles Napier (5ft 11in)
Napoleon (5ft 6.5in)
Daniela Nardini (5ft 9in)

Bill Nunn (6ft 3.5in)
Paolo Nutini (5ft 9.5in)
Amy Nuttall (5ft 5in)
David Nykl (5ft 6.75in)
Andy Nyman (5ft 6in)

James Caan (5ft 9.5in)
Scott Caan (5ft 5in)
Susan Cabot (5ft 2in)
Santiago Cabrera (5ft 11.5in)
Adolph Caesar (5ft 7in)
Nicolas Cage (6ft 0in)
Vincent Cassel (6ft 1.25in)
David Cassidy (5ft 6.5in)
Joanna Cassidy (5ft 9in)
Katie Cassidy (5ft 6.5in) R
Shaun Cassidy (5ft 11in)
Ted Cassidy (6ft 9in)
Cassie (5ft 6.5in)
Laetitia Casta (5ft 6.5in)
Keisha Castle Hughes (5ft 2in)
Francesca Catalano (5ft 1.5in)

Nas (5ft 8in)
Kate Nash (5ft 7in)
Krist Novoselic (6ft 7in)
Danny Nucci (5ft 8in)

Phoebe Cates (5ft 6.5in)

Lily Cole (5ft 10.5in)
Natalie Cole (5ft 9in)
Dabney Coleman (6ft 0in)
Gary Coleman (4ft 7in)
M Jack Coleman (6ft 2.5in)
Monique Coleman (5ft 2in)
Ronnie Coleman (5ft 10in)
Kim Coles (5ft 9in)
Chris Colfer (5ft 9in)
John Colicos (5ft 9in)
Margaret Colin (5ft 9.5in)
John Cusack (6ft 2.5in)
Sinead Cusack (5ft 5in)
Peter Cushing (6ft 0in)
Henry Ian Cusick (5ft 11.5in)
Elisha Cuthbert (5ft 1.5in)
Iain Cuthbertson (6ft 4in)

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