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Hate Pimples! Home Made Remedies that have been proven to work best!

Hate Pimples? I asked a few people who hate Pimples and here is all the stuff they had to say -

Hey guys give me some idea how to move this pimples. They just scattered all over my face. I have oily skin and I use to sleep early. Please give me home remedies. Thank You. Godbless.

Well, I have lots of pimples too.They said its in our blood,they will gone but come bck again
In a cheap and simpliest way.Drink lot of water everyday,wash ur face twice aday.
Always use sunblock when u go out.

My pimples is more than my fame.They just magically pop up during my big days.Pimples, go away.

My pimple seem to be growing, for ever.

Who brought pimples on planet earth.They make one uncomfortable.

I have this BIG red pimples which is headless, each time it started to grow, its damn painful, I don't even know if its a pimple, and inside it contains lots of pus. The size is as big as the tip of your last finger. Any idea how to prevent that from happening? Would really appreciate anyones help here.

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