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Anne Hathway Wants to be just Like Kate Middleton - Gossip 2011 August

Anne Hathway seems to admire Kate Middleton a lot and is obviously obsessed with her sense of Fashion and Her beauty, Anne Hathway went as far as saying that she wants to be exactly like Kate Middleton the Wife of Prince William after the Royal Wedding.

Kate Middleton's Sister had been in the News more these days for her Sunbathing Pictures.But Anne Hathway seems to have Kate Middleton back on the Spotlight with her latest and very curious comments.

This seems to have been coming since a long time as Anne Hathway was reported saying many times that she felt Kate Middleton was a very much talented when it came to a sense of Fashion.

But we feel Anne Hathway was out of line saying she wanted to be just like Kate Middleton as she is disrespecting herself and letting her fans down, who look up to her.

Anne Hathway needs to put this in the past and move on quickly.

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