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Celebrities who have got a Nose Job - Famous people with Nose Surgery

Many celebrities are not at all happy with their appearance especially with the size or shape of their nose.Many of these celebrities tend to get Nose jobs done, or Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery done to their noses to improve their looks and improve the way their nose looks and feels.

These Celebrities put beauty before anything else in life and hence opt for these Cosmetic Surgeries.

Here is a list of all Celebrities who have got a Nose Job -

Paris Hilton
Amy Winehouse
Sarah Jessica Parker
Selena Gomez
Megan Fox
Arjun Rampal
Bipasha Basu
Gilbert Idomo
Blake Lively
Micheal Jackson
Janet Jackson
Ellen Degeneres
Miley Cyrus
Clint Eastwood
Donald Trump
Mathew Etherington
Jean Claude Van Damme
Meg Ryan
Homer Simpson - Cartoon
Jay Jay McIntyre
Kate Winslet

Also See Which Celebs got a Cosmetic Surgery.

So this is the List of Celebrities who have got a Nose Job.

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kewiesterrock said...

It is really one of the nice and useful content for get a more information about the nose job. It is so much popular treatment for change the shape of nose.

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EvanDouglas said...

Primary nose surgery refers to surgery of the nose for the first time in a patient, if done for aesthetic, functional or reconstructive.

nose surgery

Sana depth said...

Angelina was one time a stunning and fresh-faced beauty in the coursework of the elderly age but now that she's put much collagen on her face, her skins looks much tight as if she is always tense.

nose job

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