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Adsense and YouTube Partner Payment Cycle now the Same 30 Days

Before Adsense Payment was on a 30 day cycle while YouTube Partnership program was on a 60 day cycle, but now recently Google Adsense program has adjusted the YouTube Payment Cycle to Match the Adsense Payment Schedule which is 30 days after the earnings have been Finalized.

From now on you will receive Adsense Payments and YouTube Partner Payments on the same  cycle or same month of payments.

I Quote - "You probably noticed in the past that monthly YouTube earnings payments occurred on a different timeline (about 60 days after they were earned) than AdSense earnings payments (about 30 days after they were earned). We are excited to announce that starting this month and moving forward, payments from both YouTube and AdSense will occur on the same 30-day cycle......"

This was the message I received From Adsense.

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