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Pirelli Calender 2011 Daisy Lowe Cover Free Online | Hot new 2011 Calender

The Pirelli Calender 2011 was one of the most talked about Calenders of the year and has been a big hit in the initial stages of its launch, now you can see the Pirelli Calender 2011 online for free with the new amazing Daisy Lowe Cover Photos as well.

The Calender as with any other celebrity Calender has photos of Celebs in different costumes and Fashions, this Pirelli Calender of 2011 is one with Daisy Lowe Photo-shoot.

It has been rumored that the Pirelli Calender 2011 Daisy Lowe Photoshoot was done by one of the leading Photographers of the World.

Here are a few Photos you might expect to see in upcoming Calenders in 2011 -

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