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Is 5 feet 8 Inches Short? NO Its Perfectly Average Height for Men

5 Feet 8 inches is not a height you need to really worry about as it is a perfectly average height and nothing short about it.But some people who are 5 feet 8 Inches but are slim and have a good physique can look much taller, but those who are Stubby and a little fat can actually look a little shorter than they actually are at 5 feet 8 Inches.

5 feet 8 Inches is definitely not a short height, it is actually an average height as 5 feet 9 Inches is the average height of  a white Male in USA.5 feet 8 Inches is way taller than the 5 Feet 6 Inch Average for men in India and the 5 Feet 5 Inch Average in Japan and China.

5 feet 8 Inches can be sometimes an insecure height as it is in the middle and it cannot be called either short or Tall, hence the insecurity arises in people especially men who are 5 feet 8 Inches.

5 feet 8 Inches may not be the perfect height but it is most definitely a decent height and a height about which you do not need to worry.

5 feet 8 Inches is not Short.

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