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How to Become a YouTube Partner Part 1 - Clean Channel and Basics

Hey Everyone This is GauHiga and As Promised I am going to start my Series on YouTube about How To become a YouTube Partner.

Remember this is a 10 part series, so Today I will begin with a video where I make sure that all of your are on the right track as I do not want to lead someone on and make them think that they will become a YouTube Partner when they have some basic flaws which makes them uneligible for Partnership.

So These are the stuff you should be sure of before even thinking of becoming a Partner, after you have these stuff you will surely one day become a YT Partner.

No Sub 4 Sub messages on your channel

No Copyright Videos

No Abusive Videos

Gamers are allowed, i will tell you later how it works.

Frequent Uploads

Subscribers Vs Subscriptions Balance

After this I will telly you some stuff to work on -

1) Try to get around a 100 Friends on YouTube by my next video which will be on next Monday.Add me I will Accept.

2)Clean your Channel of Bad Comments and Sub4 Sub messages.

3)Upload atleast 1 good quality video of something you are good at.After you do post a comment on my channel, I will Like and tell you what I think about It.

4)Try to Achieve 5 Subscribers Naturally, Start Slow you will get ther one day.

So do this and be ready for my next video on Monday On how to become a YouTube Partner.

Subsribe if you have not already. Next up I will deal with Misconceptions and Frequency of Video Uploads.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip cant wait for all 10!

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