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5 Exciting and interesting iPhone 5 apps

 The latest iPhone 5 has an all new design with a bigger display, a more rapidly performance chip, speedy wireless technology and 8MP iSight camera. IPhone 5 is much thinner than iPhone 4 and 4s with just 7.6 millimeters thin. The new iPhone has designed so well that it has been snapped by 2 high-resolution 29MP cameras to verify aluminum housing.

Once you get the iPhone 5 your home all you need is apps to put on it. IPhone's developers have really worked rock-solid to have a perfect blend with its bigger screen and paramount featured applications. The iPhone 5 photo stream feature allows user to form a mini social networks with easy sharing of images.

IPhone 5 comes with an iOS 6, iOS stands for iPhone Operating System is a mobile Operating system developed by an Apple Inc. released in 2007. The Apple's App Store contains additional 700,000 applications downloaded more than 30 billion times. In the first quarter of 2012, in Smart phone selling Apple has 23% of share.

The Apple Company, with the release of iPhone 5 has made a remarkable selling history; company has made sells up to a million products. 65% of mobile web data share and at the half of 2012 approximately 410 million devices activated.

 We have accumulated 5 best iPhone 5 apps you would love to have on your iPhone 5.

Get You Tube back: Apple no longer has a You Tube as a default app, as you tube owned by Google. You might be used to of having You Tube on home screen. Don't get surprised once you unbox your fresh iPhone 5 and you don't see You Tube app as default app.

Luckily, You Tube app can be downloaded from iTunes App store. You tube app is same as the older version.  

Love Facebook: With iOS 6, iPhone 5 has built in Facebook app, Facebook integration is much deeper and skintight very similar to the way Twitter integrated with iOS 5. You can see few modifications in Facebook app which has been made considering iPhone bigger screen.

All this will provide you much better experience with Facebook than earlier versions with iPhone faster processing speed and 4G LTE capability.

 Supplementary stunning Maps: Graphics and text are amazingly detailed as elements in the maps are vector based. It lets you smooth zooming, tilt and switch gesture to view zone.

Map speaks the directions, 3D view, simple signs and arrows, and it suggest you the best route in bad traffic.You get all the real-time traffic information with details causing traffic jam

Go Gaming: With the better improved processing speed, display and graphical capabilities with iPhone 5, you can't miss gaming. Gameloft is at work in enhancing gaming with iPhone 5 to take it to the next level.

You can enjoy multiplayer online game World of War craft-style using 4G LTE network capability and enhanced Wi-Fi radio.

Horn is ambitious 3D action released by phosphor games is ready to be experienced with its latest update and all older issues fixed with iPhone 5.

So Apple is still king of gaming

  Command your Siri: An intelligent assistance that understand what you say, it recognizes what you mean, answers what you need. The new Siri comes with more languages and Say something to Siri and it finds an appropriate app to use. Siri can make phone calls schedules meeting, sets reminder, sends messages and do much more…
  You can ask Siri to find a restaurant nearby sort by price/cuisine/location and make reservations via open table, find upcoming movie show times, play videos and trailers, live games and current scores.

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